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APP 1APP 2As this book begins by stepping you through how to start using connected technologies to promote your business, I would hardly be doing myself justice if I didn’t have some digital bells and whistles planned. During the production process I’ve been working with Aurasma on an augmented reality cover – which is worth a look if you want to see me climb out of my own book cover and destroy it in the process! The Aurasma app is free for iOS and Android – and while you’re there you should definitely download the Working the Cloud apps, which are also free and cleverly made using Rippll’s AppSplash, which gives me super-easy control over loading up new content for you regularly.

As well as delivering news and features from this site as they go live, there’s a video feed featuring full interviews with most of the experts included in the book (sadly Theo Phaphitis’ connection was too bad to use even as audio and Jean Oelwang was incredibly busy travelling and answered my questions via email, so I will add a transcript from both these discussions on these pages soon instead). APP 3photo pushI also plan on adding the occasional free screen-cast tutorial to the video collection, so make sure you sign up for the newsletter to keep up-to-date on what’s in the pipeline. You are also very welcome to make requests on our Facebook or Google+ pages.

As well as links to find Working the Cloud’s social accounts and order your copy of the book, and you might find the CHAT feature interesting as it lets me broadcast in-app tutorials and hold discussions and ‘web clinics’ to help you further improve your relationship with the Internet. Make sure you allow push notifications if you want to know when I’m online and available to chat.

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*N.B. Android users looking in PlayStore on the web, use the link above ot try searching for ‘workingthecloud’ (with no spaces) as the proper title with the spaces is mysteriously not showing up*

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